Internet Marketing 101

What Everybody ought to know about Internet Marketing

Straight talk that makes internet marketing less confusing.

Keep reading to discover the inner workings of internet marketing in an easy to understand format.

You’re about to find out:
  1. Where to start
  2. How to start
  3. The next step……..

If you think its too hard to accomplish that online “laptop lifestyle” that you’ve dreamed of,  think again my friend.  It is pretty simple once you understand it.
I will explain it to you in terms that are easy to digest.
Not in the “geek tech talk” I had to decipher when I first started.  It was like learning another language.  Do you ever feel that way?

I want to start by asking you….

Do you know why 95% of internet marketers never find success?

Because they quit.  And new ones are taking their place daily, then they quit, and so on and so forth.

Well, you don’t have to give up!  I will lay everything out for you in a way that you can understand.

The basics of earning an income online are 3 things.

  1. Something to sell
  2. Someone to sell it to.
  3. A system that brings the 2 together.

Sounds simple enough huh?  Well it is.  Let’s walk through the basics.

Something to Sell

If you were wondering where to start, start by asking yourself …

“What do I want to sell”?

If you haven’t narrowed that down yet, think about these things:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What is your favorite hobby?
  • How do you like to spend your free time?
  • What do people ask your advice about?
  • What topic do you have knowledge or experience in?  (I guarantee there is something you know more about than you give yourself credit for!)  Maybe you cook the best chili in the world and everyone wants your recipe.  Well, write a cookbook and pony up that recipe!

Someone To Sell It To

Once you decide what you want to sell, whether it is a physical product, a digital product, coaching, or other peoples stuff (Affiliate offers), it’s time to find your perfect audience.

Your perfect audience is called by many names.

  • Target audience
  • Target market
  • Demographic
  • Focus group
  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Leads
  • Buyers
  • Tribe
  • Followers

Pretty much any word you come across that is loosely describing your target audience is just that.  It is who you are looking to market your offer to.  BUT, and it’s a big BUT, I need to introduce you to a new word.  This one is very important.  I know I told you I would keep it simple, but this is extremely significant.

This is your number 2 – your ideal “someone to sell it to”.

This is who you must find to sell your offer effectively!

You must find your “AVATAR”.  Yep, Avatar, and I’m not talking about those blue people in the movie.

Your avatar is your perfect customer.

  • Your avatar is your targeted buyer.
  • To determine your avatar you must “write their story”.  This is going to take some research on your part.
  • This particular step goes pretty deep.
  • I have outlined the steps to find your avatar on my blog so I want to give you that link to share that training.  ( I MUST stress the importance of this step! )
  • Do not skimp on this step.  It will be the difference between finding someone who wants what you have to offer and trying to convince someone who has no interest in your offer to buy it!  It’s in your best interest to present your offer to someone who is actively looking for it.
System That Brings Together Your Product and Your Buyer

I know you’ve heard of a sales funnel.

Step 1:

A basic sales funnel starts with a landing page/ squeeze page.  There are many sources to build a landing page, and if you have a website with wordpress, there are plugins you could use.

Landing page/squeeze page consists of:

  • Headline – describing your offer
  • Subheadline – reiterating the offer in different words
  • Bullet points of benefits
  • Testimonials – optional
  • Call to action – (CTA)  Tell them what to do!  Buy Now, Subscribe now, Take action now, Download now.
  • Optin form – where they give you a name and email so you can send them the offer.   You connect this to your email service, such as aweber.

Once they’ve given you their name and email address they become a subscriber.

Step 2:

At this point you will have a series of emails set up in your email service.  Otherwise know as autoresponder, because it automatically responds to the person who signed up and sends the emails you have written out to them, as per your schedule.  You set up a schedule with your email service.

The optin button should redirect them to a thank you letter, that includes instructions on confirming the subscription to your emails so that they can get your offer.

These emails should consist of :

  1. Your offer – send immediately, with instructions how to to retrieve and use the offer
  2. The second email might ask if they had a chance to review the offer and ask their opinion on it.  Engage them by asking them to respond.
Step 3:

You should set up at least 7 emails to go out each day for the first 7 days, so that you can introduce yourself, and make sure they are using your offer.

Here’s a sneaky little thing I do.  Sometimes when I need inspiration to write a short and sweet email, I will look through my inbox, and see which subject catches my eye, or look for a well known marketer, and take their ideas to write my email.  Never copy someone else words, word for word.  They have ways of finding out and you will get spanked!

So, without going more in depth and giving away the farm did I deliver on my promise to keep it easy to understand?

I realize I did introduce you to one major term “avatar”, but it was too important to skip.  And, it was very basic, kind of like learning to say Hello in spanish.  (Hola – pronounced “O-La”) LOL!

So, now the choice is yours, did you get all you need so far to build a profitable online business?


are you ready to go “in depth”, and learn the rest…..

such as:

  • How to build a profitable sales funnel
  • How to build a responsive email list
  • How to find free advertising
  • How to profit from video marketing
  • The difference between attraction and interruption marketing
  • Tips on Social media marketing (Best practices)
  • and many more……..

What would you do if you got banned from google? or Facebook?

There are certain practices you need to become aware of to safeguard your actions online.

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To Your Success,

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